Principal Govt. Degree College Ajas Bandipora

Hello and welcome to the Government Degree College Ajas. I feel extremely privileged and honored to be associated with this chain of higher learning. I call upon all responsible citizens to become part of this nation-building exercise.

The college has set its primary goal of education in three words─ Learn, Spread and Shine. The word learn conceives of learning as a multi-modal process wherein the teacher-taught relationship is dynamic and learner-centric. In its spread education sphere, the college endeavors to spread the light of knowledge across the length and breadth of the valley. With the key word shine, our college endeavors to provide diverse platforms to students in various competitive events and cultural activities. This makes our goal of learn, spread and shine a complete learning process by all means.

The college hosts a Browsing Centre that allows students an opportunity to surf internet and browse course material online. The college administration has been actively involved in addressing the concerns of the student community. The faculty of the college is dedicated and working tirelessly to the satisfaction of the entire community of the college. Equally important, the non-teaching staff has gone an extra mile to help incoming students with the admission process.

Prof.(Dr) Parveen Kousar
Principal Govt Degree College Ajas