About Govt. Degree College Ajas

Placed with exquisite beauty and surrounded by the scenery of Wullar, the famous freshwater Lake, the Government Degree College Ajas is a new cradle of higher learning. The college was established in February 2019 and since then has been playing a pivotal role in the field of higher education. It is located in Ajas, a tehsil of district Bandipora approximately 40 km from Srinagar and 16 km from Bandipora, thus occupying a central position on the Srinagar Bandipora national highway. This enables Government Degree College Ajas to cater to the higher education needs of the adjoining areas. Initially, the college started functioning in the Govt. Hr. Secondary School Ajas on a makeshift basis. However, the college later shifted to its own temporary arrangement. The college has three single-storey prefabricated huts conducive for learning. A Conference Room fully digitized with Smart classroom panel has been made available for activity purposes with a Browsing Center cum Computer Lab adjoining it. The college has been able to establish a library facility with quality books giving access to student community to prepare materials for their concerned projects. Efforts are in hand to further boost library facilities with a reading room. A prefabricated hut accommodates Principal Chamber, Office and Staff Room, while the other hut has been converted into classrooms with a capacity of more than one hundred students each. All the classrooms are fully Wi-Fi abled with smart classroom panels installed. The college is fully equipped with the latest technology, an endeavor to provide better education and cater to the students' present needs in this techno-high world. The college is very small in terms of infrastructure but has been able to teach hundreds of students enrolled in different semesters. Currently, the college offers courses in Social Science and Humanities with combinations in Education, History, Political Science, Sociology, and Urdu literature. It has also been able to start Computer Applications and approval to teach Science has also been granted. In its current session, the College has been able to enroll and teach 203 students in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Semesters simultaneously. The college envisions a future for students providing them the freedom to perceive, process and analyze the world around them and make informed decisions. I am proud to be associated with this blossoming seat of learning and wish all happiness, joy, and excellence to everyone affiliated with this college.

Objective. 1) To mould students into thinking human beings 2) To develop students into responsible citizens 3) To help students reach their desired goals 4) To develop in students eco-consciousness 5) To prepare students for academic excellence.

Mission and Vision. Our primary duty, moral and social, is to make efforts to work with honesty and with our best ability in enriching the students of this institute of higher learning and to inspire them to chase their dreams. Therefore, our goal is to elevate students to the heights of excellence.

Academics. As of now, GDC Ajas is a solely Liberal Arts College offering undergraduate course in Humanities and Social Sciences.